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Unisex X-Harness

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Unisex harness for intense and powerful lower body exercises, padded with neoprene for comfort.


- Military grade webbing with 25000 N breaking force
, neoprene padding,

- Güterman Threads - reinforced stitching with parachute threads


Size:adjustable, one size fits all.

Care Instructions

Clean with water only (hand wash) and leave it to dry naturally. Do not use dryer. Do not store while wet. 

Do not use bleach and other chemicals.

  • Product description

    - Specially designed shoulder harness is suitable for all sizes and has a special X crossing on the chest for use on men and women.

    - It features thick neoprene for added comfort. It is mainly used for sprinting when the centre of gravity needs to be on the shoulders.

    - for powerful movements forward and backward