We deliver the equipment for small group training inside your studios. Ideal number of trainees is 10/session = 5 COBRA units.

    See Cobra ropes 

    We will educate your trainers and coaches to be able to deliver the best training sessions within the club. We have 2 modules (Level 1 and Level 2). Trainers will be able to identify clients' fitness level, find right exercises and set up goals for the workout. Color coded workouts will help them to maintain goals.


    We do provide the access to GUN-EX APP with exercises, videos, workouts, challenges and keeping trainers up to date to be on the top of their game.


    - Full body work

    - 4 color coded session designs

    - Team training

    - Personal approach = cueing half of the students (active anchor vs. work)

    - HIT - short, effective, not time consuming

    - Visible results in short time

    - Mental relax & restart due to HIT (dopamine release and endorphins)


    - Education courses for trainers to up-skill their knowledge in fitness industry = more jobs

    - Easy to teach, cue and prepare sessions due to GUN-EX® Training mobile app + exercises database

    - Creating relation with clients -> higher conversion rate for specific PT sessions

    - Easy to progress or regress exercises = all fitness levels can train within one session if needed

    - Cueing half of students = very personal approach. Big benefit over other programs.


    - Short 20-30min HIT workout —> 2 sessions within 1 hour if desired

    - High clients’ retention rate - personal approach due to semi-PT groups

    - Quick ROI due to small group training format and low purchasing price in comparison to strength machines and cardio equipment.

    - One time investment - no license fees

    - Team training (2 people with 1 package) —> Less equipment needed

    - Much more personal touch = higher quality

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