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Strongman Sandbag

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Lifting, throwing, carrying, dragging, rolling ...

Great tool for your grip strength and overall body strength.

Select from various weights, starting at 20 kg and going up to 182 kg.


CORDURA - ballistic nylon (the most durable material against wear and tear) with extra inner layer of PVC, resistant to water.

GÜTERMAN Threads - parachute threads for stitching. Reinforced double layer threads.

Military-grade webbing - for straps

What's Included

1x outer bag with zipper and velcro

1x Innerbag with roll over hook-and-loop velcro

(Sand is not included)


Weight (empty): 1 kg

Diameter: 40cm

Max Weight: depending on variant

Care Instructions

Clean with water only (hand wash or washing machine) and leave it to dry naturally. Do not use dryer. Do not store while wet.

Do not use bleach and other chemicals.



Whole body strength benefits.

Carry from 20kg up to 182kg. Each Inner Bag is designed to be loaded with sand or small pebbles.

Double layer design makes product more durable and can withstand hard conditions.

  • Where to use it


    - INDOORS such as performance centers, functional zones, etc..

    - OUTDOORS such as football field, park, backyard, beach, activity arena, etc... 

    Note: GUN-EX® cares about superior quality, which means you can use it in rain, snow, mud, water and any hard conditions. 

  • Who is it for?

    - Trainers and coaches

    - Athletes

    - Everybody who want to get stronger

  • Adjustable

    Adjustable weight - fill inner bags with sand or pebbles.  

  • Heavy duty

    During 12 years on the market we have enough data to say that our products are made out of the best materials. All tools are hand made in Europe with local work force, from European materials and we pay attention to all details. Our warranty rate ratio is 0.04%.

  • Weight suggestion

    Weights over 79kg are challenging to work with. We suggest 79kg and more for athletes, strongman and very strong individuals.