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Aluminum Carabiner

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Aluminum carabiner for attaching accessories to training tools.

Lightweight multi-purpose carabiner with full lock.

Ideal as a top carabiner for express climbing or as a stand-alone carabiner for traditional and sport climbing.

K-Lock latch does not catch anywhere, easy to click in and out of the belay. It has no sharp edges that could damage the rope or loop.

Low weight
Distinctive colours
K-lock system

Certified for sport use.


- aluminum climbing carabiner

- tested to withstand extreme forces

-breaking strength like with climbing carabiners - 24kN / 9kN / 8kN of force


Size:adjustable, one size fits all.

  • Product description

    - light

    - aluminum

    - durable

    - does not freeze in cold

    - does not get jammed with mud, sand, dirt