Traditional Battle Ropes vs. Elastic Battle Ropes. What is the difference?

Traditional battle ropes are rigid. Yes, movements are nice and easy. However, elastic rubber component inside puts battle ropes into another level. Imagine ropes that fight back all the time and giving you more stress. This results into more muscle activation, higher cardiovascular level, more core stability and option to train lower body with squats, sprints, jumps… You won’t get this with traditional battle ropes.

Short or Long Cobra ropes?

Always remember that longer is better. If you have at least 9-10m (29-32ft) length, don’t compromise and always go for longer ropes. You will be able to fully use the long ropes. Sprinting, running, battling, rowing, crawling, etc… Short ropes are good solution for space length 6-8m (20-26ft).

Where can I use products?

Take them anywhere you want. Mud, sand, water, snow, beach, park, etc… These softer surfaces will not damage the product. If it gets dirty, just wash it… If used on harder surfaces cover sleeve might wear out sooner (like tarmac). But if you take care of tools in a right way they will serve for years. We are still using our one of the first units from 2010 and still working well. Just avoid sharp edges like broken glass, sharp stones, etc…

What about custom duties?

We have our warehouse in Europe. This means there are no customs duties for EU citizens.

We are sending packages all over the world without any problems for our customers. However, please be aware that there may be import duties on consumer goods imposed in countries outside the EU. Please inform yourself about the import duties on consumer goods in your country.

Why it is expensive?

It is very individual to say what is expensive and what is not. Let us put it this way - GUN-EX tools are not the cheapest.

Due to manufacturing and outsourcing all materials in Europe. Nothing is being produced outside Czech Republic. We know that labor costs are high in EU, but we can guarantee the best materials and the best craftsmanship available.

We only want to build the best products, that makes us happy.

I want to buy in bulk, what can I do?

Reach out to us at info@gun-ex.com and we will assist you personally.