Lower body training for limited space

Lightweight versatile rope for lower body workout, acceleration and agility training in smaller spaces.

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Recommended for

Fitness clubs with limited space available, circuit or PT trainers, coaches and athletes (track and field, combat sports, etc.).

Get ROCKET if you need lower body workout but you only have limited space available. ROCKET is a perfect tool for first step acceleration, agility training, reaction time. It’s lightweight and easy to transport.

ROCKET with hip-belt is good for PT or as a part of circuit training.

ROCKET with X-Harness is better suited for training of specific track and field movements or MMA takedowns.

What’s inside

Accessory options


More versatile in general fitness use.
It’s easy to get in and out of the hip-belt, great option for circuit training.
Recommended for 90% of use cases.

Unisex x-harness

Unisex design, chest straps are arranged in a way that’s comfortable for women and men.
Moves the center of pulling force from hips to your shoulders.
Recommended for sport specific uses (track and field, MMA, Judo, etc.).

Rope resistance

ROCKET rope has a resistance of 400 N – optimal resistance for rope of this length.
It’s suitable for youth, women and men.
Recommended for both fitness use and for professional athletes.
Rough equivalent of 40 kg/88 lbs force for rope at maximum length.

Exercises with ROCKET

Training benefits of lower body workout with ROCKET

Lower body workout, agility training.
Improve your acceleration and reaction times.
Make your legs faster and stronger.



Elastic rope with the medium resistance of 400N. Length is 8,8 feet and goes to 20 feet at maximum length. Hand crafted with high safety standards in mind, the most durable materials are guaranteed.

Safety sleeve is made from water and abrasion resistant CORDURA and military grade straps sewed with parachute threads.

Short safety strap helps you to control the rope during the whole training. Even if you loose the grip in your palm, safety strap will help you to keep the rope on your wrist. Safety strap is also used for anchoring the accessories to the rope.

Long anchoring strap is easy to attach to various anchor points, indoors or outdoors. You can lock your ropes to any standard size anchor points without using special anchor strap.


ROCKET – Become unstoppable


Karel Lavicky


Professional windsurfer, five times Czech Champion, Olympic athlete at London 2012

Tomas Hron

Muay Thai

Professional MUAY-THAI K-1 fighter, WKA world champion, WKN world champion, King of the Ring 2004

Lukas Krpalek


Multiple World Cup champion, Olympic athlete London 2012, JUDO European Champion

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