Lower body workout, plyometric training and vertical jumps.

Unique tool for plyometric training and vertical jumps.

 80.00 (ex. VAT)

Recommended for

Personal trainers, S&C coaches, athletes.

Get PLYO kit if you need to improve vertical jump and lower body power. It is a must have tool for S&C coaches.

Example of lower body resistance circuit with focus on unilateral moves. Watch out for new workouts every week.

New short plyometric ropes and ground anchor points (using common bumper plates).

Improve your agility with new agility belt with 3 connection points.

Everything you need for perfect workout

Included in package:

Plyometric ropes

Short plyometric elastic ropes

New short plyometric ropes in combination with ground anchor points can be used to extend zour traditional workout with new set of exercises.

PLYO Kit – master of plyometric exercises


Lukas Konecny


WBO World champion, Czech boxing champion, multiple international and intercontinental champion

Karel Lavicky


Professional windsurfer, five times Czech Champion, Olympic athlete at London 2012

Luca Giacon


WBA Continental super lightweight champion, WBC Silver super lightweight champion

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