Short Battle Ropes with elastic cord for small spaces.

Shorter version of GUN-eX’s the most popular tool for group training. Designed primarily for small indoor spaces to fit in every training zone.

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Recommended for

Group sessions in small training zones, small group training, Personal training.

Go for Mini Cobra Kit if you only have small training zone available where longer Cobra ropes wouldn’t fit in. While you can also train alone in PT sessions, each kit is intended for two people training together which is great for group training (more people can attend your small group class).

You can extend your kit with available accessories to make it even more variable. Get full body workout with Mini Cobra Kit.

Mini Cobra Introduction

Mini Cobra is intentionally short to fit into small training areas. Minimal required space for training is 6 meters (20 ft), optimal recommended space is 8 meters (26 ft) or more.

Rope is perfectly balanced and suitable for all groups – youth, women and men. Recommended for both fitness use and for professional athletes.

Mini Cobra in small functional zone

Watch master trainer David Navarro demonstrate use of Mini Cobra kit in small functional zone. Mini Cobra is designed with limited available space in mind and it’s an ideal addition to multi station rigs.

Training benefits

Upper body training (slams, waves, circles, push and pull exercises).
Lower body training in all planes (accelera tions, jumps, crawls, agility training, etc.).
Build core strength with rotational exercises.
Athletic principles, core engagement, high energy expenditure, muscle toning.


Elastic training rope that comes in resistance of 300N – optimal resistance for rope of this length. 300N is a rough equivalent of 30 kg/66 lbs force for 1 rope at maximum length.

Rope length is 2.75 meters (9 ft) in idle state, 8 meters (26 ft) when extended to maximum length.

It’s hand crafted with high safety standards in mind, the most durable materials are guaranteed. Safety sleeve is made from water and abrasion resistant CORDURA and military grade straps sewed with parachute threads.

MINI COBRA KIT – Group training in small spaces


Kerrith Bhella

Muay Thai

Professional Muay Thai figher, UK K-1 Champion

Marketa Audy


Professional yachter, Czech champion, 10th place World championship, 4th place (1st woman) European cup

Charles University, Prague

Faculty of Physical Education and Sport at Charles University in Prague

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