Core and upper body workout

Core and upper body workout designed to improve your core stability, coordination, explosiveness, striking, rotational and asymmetrical movements.

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Recommended for

Fitness clubs as a part of circuit training, PT trainers and coaches, home use.

Get CORE MACHINE if you need to develop core muscle strength and DSS or improve dynamic movement of your upper body.

It’s a perfect tool for coaches and PT trainers, it can be used as a part of circuit training. CORE MACHINE is a great choice if you can’t a ord to get QUATTRO. It comes in a convenient gym sack for easy transportation.

What’s inside

Rope resistance

Core Machine comes with 2 ropes, one has resistance of 100 N, other one has resistance of 160 N.

You can use either of two ropes to make your workout easier or harder, or you can combine them both together to make it extra hard.

100 N is a rough equivalent of 10 kg/22 lbs force when extended to maximum length.

160 N is a rough equivalent of 16 kg/35 lbs force when extended to maximum length.

Exercises with CORE MACHINE

Training benefits of core and upper body workout with CORE MACHINE

Train core muscles and muscle coordination.
Perfect for improving DSS, obliques, abs and lower back muscles.
Great for striking and dynamic upper body exercises.
Get toned and lean. Incinerate calories!

Everything you need for perfect workout

Included in package:



With CORE machine you get two thin elastic ropes with resistance of 100 and 160 N, each equipped with locking wire gate aluminium carabiner on one side and with small carabiner on the other side. You can train with either one of them to alter between light and medium resistance, or combine them for maximum resistance.

Two ropes allows you to combine resistance or to find the right resistance for you client. With the ropes and the bar you can perform any symmetrical or asymmetrical movements.

Ropes are 4 feet long and expand up to 13 feet.

Safety sleeve on the ropes is hand crafted from ultra durable Cordura and the best military grade threads.


CORE MACHINE – Make your core your gun

Additional Information

Weight 1.7 kg


Kvetoslav Svoboda

Kvetoslav Svoboda


Three times Olympic swimmer, 2nd place World championship, Czech Champion

Charles University, Prague

Charles University, Prague

Faculty of Physical Education and Sport at Charles University in Prague

Marketa Audy

Marketa Audy


Professional yachter, Czech champion, 10th place World championship, 4th place (1st woman) European cup

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