Battle Ropes with Elastic Cord Inside. Combines benefits of Battle Ropes, Elastic Resistance and Bungee Cord.

Designed for group classes and small group training. Hard and highly effective HIIT that is fun for all participants.One kit is for two people to train in pair.

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Recommended for

Group classes in fitness clubs, small group training with personal trainer.

Get COBRA GUNNING kit if you are planning to lead GUNNING™ group classes or small group training. One kit is for two people – person on each side of the ropes alternates between exercise and active rest. GUNNING classes are great fun and come highly recommended from all participants.

Gunning kit come in resistance of 300 N that is perfect for fitness (for men, women, youth). It is a rough equivalent of 30 kg/66 lbs force per one rope at maximum length.


Win against battle ropes

“With bootcamps and small studio spaces you want to minimize the amount of equipment to carry and purchase. The GUN-eX COBRA elastic rope will allow you to achieve hundreds of exercises/movements with one piece of equipment.”

Mike Michels, Independent review of GUN-eX COBRA ropes

GUNNING™ Group Training

Complete training plan ready to be easily implemented intoanyfitness club schedule.
Easy for client to understand and for trainer to use.
Training is led by GUN-eX certified instructor.
Training is divided into 5 color coded zones, each fitness level has a recommended monthly plan (amount of different colorcodedlessons).
Complete GUNNING™ package includes a set of training tools, training poster, access to the mobile app, training videos, education course for trainers.

Training benefits

Full body training(sprints, battling, lower body exercises, …)
Cardio conditioning.
Athletic principles, core engagement, HIIT training burns lot of calories.
Speed up metabolism.
High energy expenditure, muscle toning & pumping.
Develop speed, acceleration, strength, and power.
Have fun in a group.

COBRA rope

COBRA rope

Elastic battle rope that comes in resistance of 300N (light) or 700N (heavy). Rope length is 18 feet and goes till 40 feet at maximum length. Hand crafted with high safety standards in mind, the most durable materials are guaranteed.

Safety sleeve is made from water and abrasion resistant CORDURA and military grade straps sewed with parachute threads.

Short safety strap helps you to control the rope during the whole training. Even if you loose the grip in your palm, safety strap will help you to keep the rope on your wrist. Safety strap is also used for anchoring the accessories to the rope.

Long anchoring strap is easy to attach to various anchor points, indoors or outdoors. You can lock your ropes to any standard size anchor points without using special anchor strap.




Luca Giacon


WBA Continental super lightweight champion, WBC Silver super lightweight champion

Hamdan Al Kamali


Player for UAE National Team and Al-Wahda Football Club

Kvetoslav Svoboda


Three times Olympic swimmer, 2nd place World championship, Czech Champion

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