Weight Vest with unique gel technology

Weighted rashguard to add extra weight to enhance your training. Heat it or freeze it to add additional recovery effects of thermo or cold therapy. Low profile gels and highly elastic tight cut means that weight is “glued” to your body and doesn’t move even when doing dynamic movements.


Enhance your training

ARMOR can be used for training indoors or outdoors. You can wear ARMOR for your workouts in the gym or during sport preparation (football, hockey, rugby, soccer, running, athletics, MMA, box, etc… ). No matter what sport or movements you do, you can always add this ARMOR extra weight to make your workouts more challenging. Even when doing highly dynamic movements, Armor stays “glued” to your body and doesn’t move.

Recommended for

  • Everybody who likes to move and wants to benefit from additional weight without compromising movements
  • Who wants to benefit from thermotherapy or cold therapy
  • Be it fitness enthusiast
  • Be it trainer and coach
  • Be it world-class athlete
  • Be it a sports team

Heat it or cool it

Heat effect

Heat it to benefit from thermotherapy.
Heat it to stay warm in cold/harsh weather conditions.
Heat it to substitute “sauna suit” for fighters.
Heating effect lasts for 30–45 minutes.

Cold effect

Freeze it to benefit from cold therapy.
Freeze it to help thermoregulate body temperature in hot weather conditions.
Cooling effect lasts for 30–60mins

Weight distribution

Medical grade weight gels are evenly distributed across the body which is not affecting the body posture.
Thanks to their low profile and rashguard’s extremely elastic fabric, gels are “glued” to the body.

You don’t have to take the ARMOR off while exercising, do the whole training routine with ARMOR on the body.

Freedom of movement

Due to even weight distribution it won’t compromise your movements and technique during exercising. Our almost 4 kg weights are having effect like 10 kg weight vests due to dynamic forces that are being applied while body is moving.

This solution is fantastic for any dynamic training while not limiting the movement patterns e.g.: vertical and horizontal speed movements, burpees, sprinting, jump-ing, agility drills, changing directions and body orientation etc…

For everybody

Due to all benefits mentioned above it is designed to be used by everybody. From recreational fitness enthusiast to world class athletes. Extra weight with additional recovery effects that fits to every training, workout or sport you do.

ARMOR has specific cuts and designs for women and specific ones for men.

Women: Armor weight = approx. 2.9 kg
Men: Armor weight = approx. 3.7 kg


Top grade elastic fabric from Spain contains more than 24% of spandex allowing perfect fit on the body and quick drying process when being washed.

Gel packs are waterproof and they can be immersed in water. You can hand wash your rashguard as it is, without the hassle of taking gels out.


You can customize your ARMOR rashguard by putting your embroidery patch on the Velcro that is located on your ride side of the chest.

Great feature for all who want to be different and express themselves. Also great for bigger groups like sport teams who need to distinguish ARMOR rashguards inside the team.

Velcro patch can be up to 9×9 cm big (3.5×3.5 in).

Training benefits

  • Increased intensity of your training due to added weight
  • Thermotherapy – recover faster from injuries
  • Stay warm in cold/harsh weather
  • Use as a “sauna suit” for fighters
  • Cold therapy – recover faster after intensive training or just cool yourself down during the exercise in hot weather
  • Increased overall endurance and cardiovascular capacity
  • Increased strength
  • Faster vertical and horizontal multidirectional movements
  • Increased caloric burn



HC Rytiri Kladno


Professional hockey team owned by Jaromir Jagr

Karel Lavicky


Professional windsurfer, five times Czech Champion, Olympic athlete at London 2012

Kvetoslav Svoboda


Three times Olympic swimmer, 2nd place World championship, Czech Champion

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