Jan Marvan


GUN-eX Training System founder, CEO, worldwide presenter and educator.

David Navarro


GUN-EX Master Trainer, S&C coach, PT

Ondrej Kredba

Czech Republic

GUN-eX master trainer and international presenter. Personal trainer and conditional coach of World Champion in K1 Petr Vondracek.

Vanessa Torres

Puerto Rico & Dominican Republic

GUN-EX Master Trainer for Strength & Power Foundation module, Advanced Coaching Skills module, Elastic Resistance Trainer module, S&C coach, PT

Hector Kaba


Class Benk


GUN-eX master Trainer, instructor for functional training. Personal Trainer, Athletic Trainer and Bootcamp Trainer.

Teddy Palassy


16 years as former French Navy Seals and PT for Specials Forces. Master Trainer for TRX Force and GUN-eX.

Dennis Toppin Fofie


GUN-EX SPF Master Trainer, LES MILLS Grit Master Trainer, Celebrity trainer, CrossFit Immersive gym owner.

Vasillis Papaiwannou


GUN-EX® SPF Master Trainer, S&C coach in Greek football club, Master degree in Sport science, member of TRX national team in Greece

Chris Papakiriazis


GUN-EX® Master Trainer, Les Mills Trainer, Group Fitness Manager, Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, Graduate of Physical Education and Sport Science University

Jae Ho Lee

South Korea

GUN-eX master trainer, Lance & J PT studio Director, Master Trainer KFKL Head Coach

Neil Du Plessis

South Africa

GUN-EX Master Trainer, trainer and S&C coach,

Tuta Radu Claudiu


GUN-EX Master trainer
20 years performance athlete,
Trainer and coach, TRX Trainer, TRX Force trainer, TRX RIP trainer, TRX Functional trainer, Power Bands Trainer

Eduardo Garcia Berenguer

Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic

GUN-EX Master Trainer Assistant, S&C coach, PT

Ortal Netser


GUN-EX Master Trainer, TRX Master trainer, Les Mills Master trainer, PT

Nataly Soboleva


GUN-EX Master Trainer, Les Mills Trainer, Crossfit Athlete, PT

Johan Forsberg


GUN-EX Master Trainer, Military trainer, PT

Sarah Morelli

UK & Ireland

GUN-EX Master Trainer, Fitness expert and presenter with 20+ years of experience, Spinning Master Instructor, Precor Master Coach, CrossCore Master Trainer, PowerPlate Master Trainer

Lee Drayton

UK & Ireland

GUN-EX Master Trainer, presenter, fitness operator

Angelique Caudron


GUN-EX Master Trainer, Pilates Trainer, Personal Trainer