What is the GUN-eX® training system?

It is unique original resistance training system with functional, patented products and a solid training system behind it.

What does the GUN-eX® brand offer?

GUN-eX® provides resistance training tools and training education for coaches and trainers, along with GUN-eX® clothing – training gear & education for everybody.

How and where are GUN-eX® products made?

All products and accessories are designed in USA and exclusively made in Europe. Nothing is imported from China. Every piece of product has a unique serial number. All products are checked after manufacturing. All products are hand-crafted – top quality for top quality athletes!

What materials are used for GUN-eX® products?

Only the top quality materials. The cover is made from Dupont Cordura material which makes the products the most durable. Products are for indoor and outdoor use. All straps are army grade straps. All carabiners are climbing carabiners and top quality. Most important – all stitches are made from high quality bonded threads normally used for parachutes.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. Before ordering please check our International Distributors page for an exclusive dealer in your territory first. GUN-eX® does not ship to countries with an exclusive distributor. It is cheaper to order locally.

How much space is required for training with GUN-eX® products?

It depends on the type of product. The biggest and most demanding space is the GUN-eX® COBRA rope which needs at least 6m (18ft). In contrast, the CORE-MACHINE or QUATTRO require a minimum of 2m (6,5ft).

Who can train with the GUN-eX® training system?

Everybody! We have several resistances for everybody. Our main customers are top quality professional and Olympic athletes, professional trainers and coaches, fitness chains and the army. They trust in our unique approach, top quality materials and hard work.

Are GUN-eX® products “one size for everybody”?

Yes, everybody can train with every product. Pick the right resistance for you!

Which resistance suits me the best?

Basically, heavy resistance is made for strong men and professional, top athletes. Light resistance is perfect for fitness clubs, for women, youth athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

What the number on each tool means?

Each training tool has 2 numbers. One is unique serial number and the other is resistance. e.g.: COBRA is made in 700 and 300 version. This number is always visible on the safety strap. The number is the resistance in Newtons. 700 Newtons is 72kg (159 lbs) of force at maximum elongation. You can see if it is heavy or light resistance and what force it produces.

How can I clean the tools?

Because we use only top quality materials, you can put it into the shower and wash it with water. Do not use detergents or softeners.

Can I attach any attachment to GUN-eX® products?

Yes, we have lots of accessories for GUN-eX® resistance ropes (e.g.: biceps straps, hip belt, thigh straps, harnesses, functional bars, wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs).

Is it possible to train every muscle in the body with GUN-eX® tools?

Yes, if it is used properly. You will be totally sore in muscles you never knew you had.